Who are We?

We are a company offering Pilates Classes suitable for all levels of fitness as well as post natal Pilates that incorporates sensory play, yoga and massage for baby to Mums post natal return to exercise. 

We are certified by the Australian Institute of Physiotherapy & Pilates (APPI)  and BabyBeats.


What is the APPI method?

The APPI Pilates method is a safe and effective way of retraining core muscles and addressing muscle imbalance and instability in the body that can lead to injury. The APPI have taken traditional Pilates exercises and modified them using evidence based practice. The exercises have graded levels so whether you be an elite sports person, or just want to improve your posture and balance, you can work at a level that suits your own needs, even within the class setting.

Meet the Teacher

Elaine is a physiotherapist with over 15 years NHS experience across the acute and community, adult and paediatric sectors.  Elaine is also a twin mum .  Elaine gained her Pilates teacher qualifications and wanted to branch out into her own classes.  She also works alongside other teachers and can share knowledge and skills.  Elaine is an exercise enthusiast who participates in Yoga, Dance and Taekwondo, as well as Pilates.  Elaine gained a BabyBeats qualification in order to include baby sensory, yoga and massage into her post natal Pilates classes so that Mums’ can bring their babies and enjoy the bonding experience that incorporating your baby into your post natal healing journey, and return to exercise, can bring.


Please use the contact form below to register your interest.  You will be emailed  more information and a link to the registration form should you wish to commence classes.